Juandres Vera’s Street Art is Nothing Short of Extraordinary

Making good street art requires a different kind of skill than traditional art. Instead of using a basic rectangular canvas like most painters, the world around you is your canvas. Many wouldn’t be able to thrive in this scenario, but Juandres Vera isn’t one of those people. In fact, Vera’s street art is so darn incredible that you would think he was born to be a street artist.

The Barcelona native creates work that makes it look as though the city is coming alive before your very eyes. It can be anything from a giant brick oven with a hand protruding from it, holding a fresh hot loaf of bread, to a realistic-looking tunnel leading towards an Arizona desert.

There seems to be nothing this young man is unable to paint, but it’s the manner in which he incorporates it with the public items in the vicinity that elevates it to otherworldly heights. If you’re wondering if his work has garnered popularity, perhaps Vera’s 24,000 plus followers on Instagram are an indication of his success—and you should totally join them and become a follower too if you like his work.