Kaly Barthlow’s String Art is Perfect for the Holiday Season

Although string art was first used in the 19th century as a technique to make mathematical ideas more accessible to children, its decorative side came to life in the late sixties.

Nowadays, many people learn string art for fun, while others make a living from it. To surprise her now-husband on their first anniversary, Kaly Barthlow decided to make a seahawk string art piece by herself. Little did she know, her hobby would become her full-time job.

“The last two years have been amazing, and the most rewarding years I’ve ever had. I never thought that this business of mine would have grown into what it is now and been this successful in such little time,” the artist shared on her website.

Besides hammering, she also makes tutorials where she shows off her skillful fingers doing their magic. She currently has nearly 5,000 Instagram followers and only accepts commissions from customers based in the U.S.

Either way, you should check out her creations in the gallery below. Don’t forget to support her business by clicking the “follow” button.