Kamitsurest is Taking Instagram By Storm With Her Crocheted Flowers

Kamitsurest can buy herself flowers—but she can also crochet them! This Japanese crochet artist is taking Instagram by storm with her miniature crochet art, often inspired by the beauty of nature and shaped like all sorts of beautiful flowers.

Kamitsurest is an alter ego of a left-handed crochet artist from Japan, and it originates from the Japanese word for chamomile. She opted to name her brand after being inspired by the power this flower contains, explaining on her official website that chamomile stands for “strength in hardships”.

Kamitsurest enjoyed crocheting since a young age, and she returned to this hobby about six years ago. She became more serious about it in 2020, when crocheting experienced a boom in the face of a global pandemic, and started her own brand that year.

Kamitsurest is guided by the idea of “small flowers that bring healing” according to her Instagram bio, and she’s hoping her creations will heal you both when you wear them and when you look at them.

Unlike most crochet artists, she doesn’t use yarn but embroidery thread to bring her flowers to life. They usually take shape of broches, so they’re pretty practical in addition to looking pretty, and you can pin them to your clothes, bags, hats, and everything in between.