Katnipp Studios is Sharing Some of Instagram’s Most Adorable Illustrations

If you’re searching for illustrators who will put a smile on your face with each new post they share, Katnipp Studios is just the thing you need. Founded by illustrator and designer Catherine Kay, Katnipp is an amazing source of adorable illustrations that will give you cuteness overload.

Before starting her own company in 2015, Kay used to work as a full-time graphic designer. Her job wasn’t fulfilling enough because she usually had to execute someone else’s creative vision, and that’s why she decided to focus on developing her own business and personal style.

“I can honestly say this is my passion, I am so thankful every day that I get to create and illustrate cute things with some of my favorite colors & inspired by the things I love the most—anime, coffee, books & animals,” explains Kay on her official website.

Five years later, Kay has hundreds of new illustrations and over 100,000 Instagram followers. Her skills and techniques are constantly evolving, and she enjoys experimenting with her style. In addition to prints, Kay’s illustrations made it to everything from stickers and pins to bookmarks and greeting cards, and all of these products are available at her Etsy store.