Love The Outdoors? Maybe Consider A Career In Falconry

Most people get up in the morning, drive to the office, work for nine hours and drives back home. Adam Baz didn’t want that life, so he became a falconer.

Adam Baz is a biologist specializing in birds who turned into a professional falconer. That means that he and his team, who are based in LA, California, train birds of prey to sit on their arms, fly away and back again on command. This is, naturally, an outdoors job for nature lovers and most definitely not your typical gig.

How do you even get to such a job? For Adam, it was a natural step forward from his studies. He wanted to take his scientific training and apply it rather than sit in a lab all day. So he set up his business and never looked back.

Adam’s bird are trained to do all sorts of things. Some are trained for movies – think about Hedwig in Harry Potter. Some are trained for bird control, chasing away pigeons and other birds from dangerous areas. And Adam also uses his birds for educational purposes, giving others an opportunity to hold the birds and learn about them.

Adam’s connection with birds of prey is a rare and special thing. His job isn’t simple or easy, and many would prefer sitting in an office rather than work with hawk and owls. But his absolute love for nature and birds makes this the perfect job for him.

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