Maja Vase’s Flawless Desserts Look Too Good to Be True

Many food bloggers and Instagram stars mastered the art of making desserts that look too good to be eaten and Maja Vase is leading the way. Her chocolate entremets and other desserts are a true work of art and the very definition of perfection.

Maja Vase is a cake artist based in Denmark and it’s pretty obvious she puts a lot of work and attention to detail into each of her creations. She transformed her talent into a successful business and over 300,000 Instagram followers are eagerly awaiting each of her posts.

She made her recipes available through the Maja Vase app you can download on your phone. If you prefer a more old-fashioned approach to cooking and baking, she also published an e-book of her signature chocolate entremets.

Maja Vase prides herself on making desserts with stunning designs, delicate details, and mouth-watering flavors and textures. Her cakes and other sweet treats are so beautifully decorated that you’ll feel bad about eating them, but the real magic happens once you take a bite and taste their sweet flavor.