Man Climbs 36 Steps With His Head, Breaking Guinness World Record

Li Longlong is a Chinese athlete who recently broke his own Guinness World Record for climbing the most stairs with his head. His previous record, set in 2012, was 34 steps, and now he is able to climb 36 steps.

The Guinness World Record Youtube channel shared the video of Longlong doing it on February 4th, writing: “Li Longlong, who is from the Henan province of mainland China, has held the record for most consecutive stairs climbed on the head since 2012 – and he makes it look so easy!”

For most of us, doing a headstand alone is challenging and we can’t imagine having to climb the stairs with our head! Longlong managed to do the impossible and follow the strict rules while doing it. For example, he couldn’t pause for more than five seconds between steps. Also, he wasn’t allowed to touch the steps with any other body part besides his head. You can see Longlong setting the new record in the video below.