Marion Piret’s Illustrations Will Inspire You To Give Yoga a Shot

In addition to being a talented illustrator, Marion Piret is a huge fan of yoga, and it shows! The French illustrator specializes in “art inspired by women, yoga and the universe” and her illustrations often show yoga in an empowering and freeing light.

Piret goes by Illustre Mayon on social media, and she’s been sharing her art with the world since 2020. She’s based in Rennes, Bretagne in northwest France, and she enjoys creating peaceful and magical illustrations, drawing inspiration from simple things and everyday life.

“Inspired by self-love, the universe, and women in all their diversity, I love to create peaceful and inspirational illustrations. My aim is to bring some magic to people’s lives through my art, to empower and make every woman feel at peace with herself,” the artist explains on her official website.

When she first joined Instagram in the early days of the pandemic, Piret used her page as a creative outlet, mostly sharing images showcasing female characters from different walks of life.  She celebrated International Yoga Day that year by posting one of her first yoga-inspired illustrations – but it certainly wasn’t the last.

Yoga remains her main source of inspiration to this day, and her illustrations of yoga poses often feature motivational quotes that make them even more powerful.