Matt Benedetto is an Inventor With the Most Useless Ideas

Creative inventor Matt Benedetto is the person behind the popular Instagram page Unnecessary Inventions. Benedetto’s work is all about coming up with things that don’t help anybody with anything, but only serve as a fun example of what can be invented.

His inventions “solve problems that no human actually has in their life and nobody asked for any of these products to come to life,” as he told DeMilked.

Aside from these, Benedetto also came up with several products that are useful in real life. He has his own line of travel accessories for which he raised over $250,000 on Kickstarter. “From physical products, digital productions, interior design, DIY recreations, photo & video, and everything in between – my life has been centered around design,” he writes on his website.

But you’re here for his useless inventions, so let’s see them. Just keep scrolling!