McDonald’s is Releasing a Grimace Sweater and Internet Users Couldn’t Be More Excited

Photo by Visual Karsa on Unsplash

Looking for a perfect way to profess your love for McDonald’s this holiday season? Well, the fast food chain has just the thing for you. McDonald’s is venturing into the fashion industry to release a sweater inspired by its iconic mascot Grimace.

Instagram user Snackolator, which specializes in food content, shared the photo of the Grimace Ugly Sweater and provided some additional info about the release. According to their post, the sweater will be a limited edition item and will be available through McDonald’s merchandise webshop. The “fully knitted sweaters” will come with a price tag of $65.

The news was met with excitement from internet users, who rushed to the comment section to make their feelings known.

“This is not an ugly sweater, its the cutest sweater ive seen and i need it,” one user wrote.

“I literally need this in my life,” another added.

Grimace made its first appearance in the 1970s as a “villain” character in McDonaldland media franchise before being reinvented as a clumsy, milkshake-loving, purple monster. Celebrating the character’s 52nd birthday earlier this year, McDonald’s introduced a limited menu item, “Grimace Shake”, which quickly became popular among customers and spanned a popular #GrimaceShake trend on TikTok. It was also featured in the popular video game Fortnite.