Mexican Artist Depicts Images of Females to Empower Them

Women have been inspirations to many great artists: painters, poets, sculptors, writers, and more since the beginning of time. Carolina Haro, a Mexican designer and illustrator is passionate about females, and with her artwork, the talented artist tries to encourage women to empower themselves and to empower other women too.

She is currently based in Germany, where she’s studying for her Master’s degree. Haro also works on her colorful projects, and scrolling through her Instagram account, you can enjoy images of female role models, feminine colors, and bold patterns, which are the three main elements she uses in her work.

Paintings done with watercolors and colored pencils are her favorite. However, lately she’s been getting more and more into digital illustration. Her love for art began in her earliest years, and now, besides being her job, Haro uses it as a tool to express herself.

To keep up with her work, check out the gallery below. Don’t forget to support her by following her journey on Instagram. She currently has over 3,300 admirers, but let’s hope her talent will spread more throughout social media.