Milica Golubović Finds Creative Freedom In Illustration

Milica Golubović’s illustrations have a certain pizazz to them. Colorful, playful, and bold, they depict warm and engaging characters, with a particular focus on women. Born in 1989, Golubović hails from a small old town on the Adriatic coast and currently lives between Boka Bay and Belgrade.

After finishing her bachelor’s degree in graphic design, she went on to attain her MA in illustration and book design at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. According to Golubović, she wanted to explore illustration as a career after feeling confined by the limitations of graphic design. 

“After my BA studies in graphic design and after a few graphic design related commissions, I’ve realized that I wanted to do something less limiting and less determined by general trends, something through which I can express myself and my interests more freely,” she explained in an interview with The Positive Print Company, adding that “illustration seemed to be a perfect fit.”

Golubović explains that illustration and graphic design aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. In fact, the two fields benefit from each other. Her work, though mostly digital, has a textured feel to it, making for a handmade, analog effect. Working mostly in editorial and advertising, Golubović’s selected clients include publications like The New York Times, The New Yorker, and ELLE Magazine.

Drawing inspiration from nature, the Mediterranean seaside holds a special place in her heart. “I’m mostly inspired by the sea and the seashore, clear sky and sunny days,” she reflects. “I would say that generally, Mediterranean life is a big part of that well from which I draw inspiration. It’s not so easy to explain the exact thing I find inspiring about it, but it is present as a general feeling in my life and work.”

Scroll down to see some recent highlights from her Instagram page: