Ovenlee’s Vibrant Tattoos Look Like Colorful, Tiny Stickers

Most tattoo artists can’t imagine working without black ink, but Ovenlee chose a completely different approach. Color ink set her tattoo art apart, and she made a name for herself with her beautiful vibrant tattoos, that look just like tiny stickers that her clients can wear forever.

Ovenlee studied art in college, but tattooing was the last thing on her mind. She started sharing her drawings on social media, and something clicked when someone asked to get a tattoo based on one of her drawings. She decided to give it a shot and quickly fell in love with the idea that someone could carry her art with them for the rest of their life.

She choose the alter ego Ovenlee because she wanted to translate the warmth of an oven into her drawings and tattoos. Nature became her main source of inspiration, and she relied on bright colors and pencil-like textures to bring her tattoos to life.

“I think my paintings and tattoos are in a fairytale and cottage core style. The objects I depict evoke memories and I draw them in warm colors… The thing that makes my tattoos different is that I don’t add contrast with black ink. The design is done with just color ink,” she told Things & Ink.