Owen Gent’s Metaphorical Illustrations Perfectly Capture Our Inner Turmoils

If you’re always in the mood to meet new illustrators who’ll help you get lost in your deepest thoughts, Owen Gent will be your cup of tea. He made a name for himself with his metaphorical illustrations, which perfectly capture the inner turmoil we all face in life.

Gent is an artist and illustrator based in Bristol, England, and he enjoyed different forms of artistic expression from a young age. The time he spent studying illustration at University in Falmouth, Cornwall was his turning point – and not only because he made a switch from oil painting to digital work.

Falmouth was also a place where he fell in love with magical realism and started using literature, music, and storytelling as a source of inspiration that he later incorporated into his work.

“Slowly, over time, it became more about telling a story. My style is to tell a little bit of a story but then not fully explain the whole thing. It’s about implication and suggestion. Many of my figures never fully face the camera, so I leave as much as possible to interpretation,” he told The Bristol Magazine.

In addition to making a splash on social media with his illustrations, he also created book covers for several major publishing houses before dropping his first children’s book That’s Nice, Love.