Pastry Chef Creates a Series of Pastries Inspired by NYC

Pastry chef Dominique Ansel, known for his croissant and doughnut hybrid called cronut, recently launched an intriguing new series of pastries that captivated the attention of foodies around the world.

The series, titled New York Collection and inspired by the Big Apple, consists of pastries shaped like hot dogs, bagels, pretzels, coffee cups, and lot more.

Although the shape wouldn’t suggest it, all the items are in fact delicious treats. For example, Ansel created a Central Park-inspired acorn that is made out of chocolate and hazelnut cream.

The iconic New York Slice, on the other hand, is a strawberry tart with mousse, almond biscuit, and fresh sliced strawberries on a vanilla sablé crust.

The aim of this pastry series is to celebrate Ansel’s 15th anniversary in New York.

“It’s been 15 years since I first moved here from France, not knowing anyone and taking a big leap of faith in hopes of following my dreams,” – Ansel wrote on Instagram. “This is for you, New York, and everyone who has walked through our doors since we first opened up our little shop here in Spring Street nearly 8 years ago.”

Check out the rest of the New York Collection items below.