Pat Naphat is Pushing the Boundaries of Makeup Art

Pat Naphat was still a teen when she decided to give makeup art a shot, and it didn’t take her long to hone her skills. She uses her face as a canvas and she’ll captivate you with her mesmerizing ability to create extraordinary and show-stopping eye makeup looks.

Naphat is a makeup artist based in the UK, and she was still in high school when she opened her Instagram page Her following significantly grew over the course of the past five years, and it was a joy to see her makeup skills evolve and reach new heights.

Naphat’s eye makeup looks are often reminiscent of tiny works of abstract art, and this is not a shocker since drawing happens to be one of her favorite hobbies.

“Drawing is honestly my favorite thing to do and I just find it sooo calming and I can just draw for hours and hours without knowing what the time is,” she wrote in one of her Instagram posts.

Naphat is capable of creating magic with each stroke of a makeup brush, and she’s determined to help other people do the same. She always makes sure to list all the products she used for each makeup look and often describes the thought process that went into bringing them to life.