Pet Owner Films His Cat When he Leaves and the Result is Heartbreaking

Just like humans, pets also had to get used to the pandemic schedule. While some animals were happy that their owners are around all the time, the others still needed some time to get along. However, one black-and-white kitty named Kodi misses his dad so much that he can’t wait for him to get back home. And his owner Rob captured his feline’s reaction on camera.

The video, which was put on YouTube in 2018 and watched more than 1.2 million times, shows Kodi meowing and missing his dad. And the sounds he is letting out are sad and heartbreaking. Nowadays, Kodi and his brother Shorty have an Instagram account where they have attracted over 40,000 followers.

However, until this day, the black-and-white feline’s behavior remained the same.

“I still occasionally leave the camera out to film him when I leave, and nearly every time he grabs one of his toys and starts wandering through the condo meowing at the top of his lungs,” Rob told Bored Panda in an interview. “When I come home, he usually yells at me as I abandoned him for days, so I give him lots of pets and attention while he tells me all the terrible things he’s endured (he’s quite the storyteller).”