Satsuro Tats Will Win You Over With Her Minimalist Cat Tattoos

If you love cats and tattoos equally, Satsuro Tats is about to become your new favorite tattoo artist. She’s rocking our world with her minimalist cat tattoos, where adorable kittens take center stage, often wreaking havoc and making a mess in the process.

Satsuro Tats is the brainchild of the tattoo artist Anya Satsuro, who’s based in Russia, and works from different studios in Moscow and St. Petersburg. She’s followed by around 26,000 people on Instagram, but that number will most likely soar because her tattoos are truly extraordinary.

Satsuro is clearly a huge cat lover because many of her tattoos happen to be inspired by these feline creatures. Some of them are pretty adorable, while others capture their naughty side, but Satsuro is also no stranger to creating tattoos that give them magical powers, presenting them as witches and ferries. She keeps her designs pretty simple, usually sticking to using just black and red ink to bring her tattoos to life.

Cats may be the stars of many of her tattoos, but Satsuro doesn’t shy away from exploring other subjects. She often depicts other animals in her work, from dogs and headgehogs to butterflies and moths, using nature as her main source of inspiration.