Simon Laveuve’s Graffiti-Covered Miniatures Give Off a Dystopian Future Vibe

French artist Simon Laveuve has quite an interesting vision of how the world would look like in a post-apocalyptic scenario. Through his work, Laveuve imagines it as a place where people will look for safe haven in elevated shelters.

The talented Paris-based creative makes highly-detailed miniatures that project the dystopian future vibe through a sense of abandonment and decay. His works are covered with graffiti, embraced by vegetation, and look like they stand as the testament of human struggle to remain in control of the world that surrounds them.

“My pieces, for the most part, have this aspect of shelter,” Laveuve told Colossal in a recent interview. “I like to work on the height and the inaccessible. Protection and surrender. Fallen icons and their symbolism. Resistance and insubordination.”

Laveuve’s creations are fascinating to look at, but also represent a painful reminder that the nature always has the ability to prevail over humanity and take back the control. Check out more of them below.