Tamara’s Art Has a Deep Meaning Close to Her Heart

There’s nothing better than when an artist invites their fans into their creative process. Many opt to block their fans out in order to maintain a more mysterious aura, but some are a lot more transparent about who they are underneath the surface. It would appear that Tamara Grand is one of the latter—an artist who isn’t shy about letting the world know why her art means something to her.

Her primary art medium, which is acrylic paint canvases, is astounding. The colors presented are vibrant, almost psychedelic—and yet they’re dressed in skillfully crafted shapes and texture that does not sleep. Grand’s art really pops at you, but as we mentioned, there’s a lot more to focus on regarding who she is.

If you look at her Instagram bio, there’s a lot more there than just “artist”. Grand is also a fitness coach, nature enthusiast, knitter, and happy hiker, adding the quote “to the mountains I must go”. But perhaps the most significant thing she adds is that she’s a “child loss mom”, indicating that there’s a pain and deep love present in her work. We genuinely appreciate her candor, something that many artists wouldn’t necessarily talk about.

But as a result, there’s a few extra layers of depth added to her art when we view it. And perhaps maybe the aforementioned vibrant colors we see popping off her canvases come from a source that’s near and dear to her heart.