Tania Lissova Makes Adorable Paper Plants

Russia-based paper artist Tania Lissova makes miniature plants and bouquets that we absolutely fell in love with. Her tiny paper sculptures are made of several even tinier pieces of paper glued together. Lissova perfected her craft over time and gathered nearly 400,000 Instagram followers in the process.

When asked on Instagram about the secret to her continuous creativity, the artist replied that “there’s no secret. I just love what I do. It motivates me to keep creating.”

Lissova studied Architecture and Arts, gathered inspiration from other artists, and slowly started crafting paper plants. This was her hobby at first but the passion grew and she eventually turned it into a job. It’s the only thing she does today and you can clearly see in her works that she devotes a lot of time and patience to it.

Scroll through her page to find gorgeous flowers plants, all made by hand and with incredible patience of this talented woman.