The Incredibly Realistic Miniature Paper Plants of Antara

Keeping houseplants alive is easy for some people and a real struggle for others. If you’ve never been known as a plant lady, perhaps it’s time to replace them with something easier but equally beautiful. UK-based artist Antara creates just the right thing for that: miniature paper plants that look totally real!

The artist creates miniature masterpieces that look amazingly realistic. The first paper plant she made was a Monstera replica, and she quickly realized that it was her passion and made many more. “I was passionate about crafting and sketching since my very early childhood,” My Modern Met quotes her. “I have a certain addiction to making things manually without any digital methods.”

Antara has an online store where she sells her works now. Her brand is called Craftifact and you can shop for the items on her Etsy page. Each paper sculpture takes her hours to make which determines the price, but if you’re looking for a unique gift for a plant lover in your life or for yourself, you won’t go wrong with one of her pieces.

You can also follow Antara’s work on Instagram along with over 1,500 other people who appreciate her work, although we believe this number is going to grow rapidly soon!