The Sugar Hobby Will Make You Fall in Love with Macarons All Over Again

If macarons happen to be your favorite dessert, The Sugar Hobby is a sweet and delicious Instagram page you should follow right now. Its founder Jath is a huge believer that anyone can make macaroons, and she’s making amazing recipes for this French delicacy.

Jath is a self-taught baker and stay-at-home mom based in Victoria, Australia. She’s sharing macaron-making tips and tricks with over 70,000 people on Instagram, and her sweet treats come in many different shapes and forms.

Jath started baking during her early teenage years, but it took a while until she actually fell in love with it. After getting married at 25, she started baking and decorating her kids’ birthday cake, and this process completely changed her outlook on baking.

“I started decorating cakes eight year ago, to carry on my husband’s family’s tradition of making their kids’ birthday cakes… During 2020 lockdown, I started making macarons. So now I combine my passion for cake decorating with macarons,” she explained in one of her Instagram stories.

Baking and making macaroons is no longer a solo adventure for Jath, and she enjoys doing it with her whole family. She lets her kids decorate macarons whenever she has some leftovers, but it’s too early to teach them how to make them from start to finish because they get easily bored.