You Can Wash Laundry, Eat Ice Cream, and Play Table Tennis in This Japanese Laundromat

Doing your laundry isn’t really a fun activity, especially when you have to use a laundromat. You not only have to leave your house to get to one, but you also need to find ways to kill time until your clothes are washed and dried. Recognizing these challenges, one Japanese architecture studio decided to make laundromat use a much more appealing activity.

Suppose Design Office designed a one-of-a-kind laundromat in Shikokuchuo City, Japan, where customers have plenty of ways to spend time. Set in a renovated warehouse, The Laundry Holiday offers an in-house cafe, ice cream shop, and everything you need for playing a game of table tennis.

Besides reinventing the concept of laundromats, based on the owner’s wish to turn laundry duty into a fun task, the studio also put a lot of focus on the exterior of the place. The original façade of the warehouse was left intact beside the front, which was turned into a window display. The café and the ice cream shop were given a green tile treatment for a visually appealing contrast.

If the Laundry Holiday was any closer, we would probably do our laundry all the time there. But since it is not, we can only admire the idea.