The Funniest Home Design Ideas We’ve Seen

Anyone who’s ever tried designing their home interior (or exterior, for that matter) knows how hard this is. You need to put in a lot of creativity and hard work to make every household object comes together in terms of positioning, size, color, and whatnot.

Some people realize how painful this is off the bat, so they hire a home designer, give them some input, and let them do their magic. Others like the hands-on approach and embark on a quest to do everything by themselves.

Sometimes doing everything by yourself can turn out great, and your home becomes everything you have ever dreamed of. But there are also cases when this ends up in a home designing disaster. The latter scenario is the subject of a highly amusing @pleasehatethesethings Instagram page.

The page showcases “absurd, ugly & just plain stupid things in home design.” It was set up by interior designer Dina Holland, who started by sharing the design fails she would encounter in her line of work. But soon enough, she started getting submissions from other people who liked her idea.

“Most of or all the photos are ones people message me,” Dina revealed in an interview with Architectural Digest. “I started getting all of these followers saying, ‘I also hate this.’ It just kept going.”

The account has been quite popular among social media users and has racked over half a million followers so far. Check out some of its hilarious content below.