These Clay Food Miniatures Look Deliciously Realistic

We pride ourselves on not being easily tricked by the things we see on the internet, but Japanese artist Tomo Tanaka definitely managed to fool us with his deliciously looking food miniatures.

When we first saw some photos of Tanaka’s works, we immediately heard our stomachs growling. There were hamburgers, croissants, cakes, salads, and all sorts of other food, looking for someone to sink their teeth in it. But if that had happened, they would probably end up having to book a dentist’s appointment. You see, all of Tanaka’s food is actually “cooked” using clay.

Tanaka, who creates under his brand Nunu’s House, has been involved in the world of miniatures for more than two decades. He creates all sorts of realistic figurines that look like faithful replications of real-life objects. This includes cookware, watches, jewelry, and everything else you can imagine.

His most recognizable works, however, are miniature foods we mentioned earlier. Despite making them on 1-12 or 1-24 scale, Tanaka manages to get even the slightest details right. His impressive ability and the appetizing effect of his works got him huge popularity on social media, especially on Instagram, where he has close to 250K followers.

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