These Funny Comics are All About Sharks

Sharks are not considered the most friendly creatures you can encounter in the ocean. However, creative duo Christian Talbot and Sophie Hodge are looking to change that with their The Life of Sharks comics.

Talbot, who writes the comics, and Hodge, who illustrates them, want to show people that sharks are actually not as dangerous as they might seem. They are simply misunderstood and would benefit from a different approach, at least in the world of comics.

The Life of Sharks comics explore relationships that sharks have among each other and with other forms of life in the ocean. It follows them on various adventures, many of which will definitely make you chuckle.

According to Talbot, everything started when he wanted to write some talking-animals jokes on top of his stand-up routines. His friends liked it and proposed to him to make a webcomic.

“I can’t draw, so I was delighted when I found out that not only could Sophie draw them, but she also was able to add her unique style to the whole thing. They’re funnier because of the way she draws them,” Talbot explained in a recent interview with Bored Panda.

The Life of Sharks comics developed a loyal fanbase on Instagram, where the page has more than 80K followers.