Honda Unveils Stylish Electric Scooter That Can Be Folded

Electric scooters are becoming the favorite method of transportation for people living in the city. They are cheap, convenient, and don’t put you in danger of getting late because of traffic jams and delays.

Noticing the popularity of electric scooters, car and motorcycle maker Honda recently decided to present its own electric scooter Honda Motocompacto. But it is quite different than anything else on the market.

The Honda Motocompacto is a stylish electric scooter that can be folded. The handles, seats, and tires can all be fitted inside the scooter’s body, essentially turning it into a suitcase. Its compact size allows riders to easily store it in their home or in the office while being able to carry it on public transportation in case of need.

This unique electric scooter was inspired by a Honda Motocompo motorcycle from the 1980s. Sold only in Japan between 1981 and 1983, the small motorcycle could be folded into a rectangle and stored inside a car trunk.

The Honda Motocompo electric scooter can reach a speed of 15 mph and has a range of 12 miles. It also comes with all sorts of other perks. Owners can use a designated app to change the lights or the ride mode while also being able to customize the body of the scooter.

The scooter will become available for the public in November and comes with a price tag of $995.