This Artist Creates Replicas of Your Favorite Things Using…What?

Image via sewyoursoul/Instagram

Did you ever think you needed a plush version of your favorite condiment? Medicine? Beverage? If you haven’t, Lucy Sparrow will change your mind. Sparrow is an artist from the U.K. that creates plush versions of classic grocery items.

Sparrow’s Instagram account “Sew Your Soul” has over 26,000 followers. Her “galleries” are a variety of pop-up grocery stores stocked with 100% felt products. Her most recent show was in New York City in May 2017.

“The Convenience Store” was filled with over 9,000 plushies and was set to stay open for the month. But the faux-dega sold out in two weeks!

Lucy continues to sew her soul in the U.K., but visits the US often for art shows! If you get a chance, be sure to check her out!

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