This Artist Will Make You Fall In Love With Vegetables

Everybody knows vegetables are good for us, but that doesn’t make them fun to eat. But if you too find it hard to finish your vegetables, this artist night be just what you need.

Takehiro Kishimoto is a Japanese artist who specializes in Mukimono, the Japanese art of carving fruit and vegetables.  Anybody who’s ever ordered sushi is probably familiar with decorative vegetable carving, but Takehiro’s art is at its own level.

Mukimono takes special skills and a lot of practice. Takehiro uses specially-made knives and tools to produce intricate patterns in fruits. His work has to be very accurate as even the smallest mistake ruins the whole thing, but he also has to work incredibally fast, or the fruit starts to brown. This makes his work process just as impressive as the end result. Think of all the time and energy he put in to reach this level of expertise!

Mukimono is an ancient art, and Takehiro knows how to walk in the footsteps of his forefathers and make traditional fruit carvings. But he also likes to put his own spin on it and creating original pieces of his own. Whether working in a traditional style or re-imagining Pokemon in apples, his work will make you run to your kitchen and munch on some broccoli.