This Designer Creates Beautiful Dresses Out of Books

We have seen artists come up with all sorts of ways to repurpose old books and give them a new life. However, the way French designer Sylvie Facon does it is really something else.

Facon is using old books, including pages and covers, to create beautiful dresses. These book dresses are not only for show; they are perfectly wearable. Imagine being able to wear your favorite book as a piece of clothing. How cool is that?

Of course, books are not the only material Facon uses for these dresses. She makes a skeleton of the dress with fabric and then attaches stylized book pages and parts of the book cover to it.

According to Facon, each of her pieces includes a lengthy process, and finishing one dress can take 250 hours.

“When I have an idea in mind, I make a sketch and I work each step until the last point,” Facon explained her creative process in a recent interview. “Each dress represents approximately 250 hours of work, and there is a lot of work underneath as well: each dress is a construction, and each step has a great importance for the final.”

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