Company Creates Windows That Allow You to Have Any View You Want

Wouldn’t it be nice to always be able to look through your window and see an ocean or snow-covered mountains? One way to afford yourself these views is to head to those places. Another is to get some windows from the company called LiquidView.

LiquidView makes windows that allow you to have any view you want in your room, regardless of your surroundings. Their windows are equipped with high-resolution digital panels that project videos featuring some of the most beautiful views across the world.

The windows are connected to the user’s phone through an app that adjusts the projection based on the local time.

“The views are captured by National Geographic-level cinematographers using feature film motion picture cameras, providing a 24-hour journey in stunning 8K video,” the company explains. “To add to the unpredictability of looking out a window, views are augmented with photo realistic content that appears randomly throughout the day.”

The view provided by LiquidView windows isn’t cheap. A single panel comes at a cost of $25,000, while a three-panel panorama setup will set you back up to $100,000. Also, the access to the company’s library is subscription-based. A single view is priced at $59 a month, while the complete library is accessible for a monthly fee of $199.