This YouTube Channel is Out to Ruin Your Favorite Songs

Most song remixes and covers turn out wrong, although they are usually done in good faith. People doing them want to honor the songs they like, but they just end up missing the mark. Well, not creative director Dustin Ballard. He purposely looks to miss the mark when reimagining your favorite songs and hopes to ruin them.

Ballard is the mastermind behind the YouTube channel There I Ruined It, which is dedicated to all sorts of wild song mashups, remixes, and music experiments. For example, one video sees Michael Jackson’s “Bad” being reimagined as a Bluegrass song. Another clip has Eminem’s hit track “Lose Yourself” mashed with the music from the popular video game Super Mario Bros.

According to Ballard, he started the YouTube channel (and a TikTok page) in “a moment of musical boredom” during the pandemic. It was originally supposed to be a fun project to kill time, but it ended up becoming so much more as Ballard’s “crimes” against music hits found quite an audience.

There I Ruined It channel on YouTube has more than 200K subscribers and close to 20 million views. The TikTik page reached 2.1 million followers and 65 million views. With this kind of popularity, you can count on that Ballard is coming to ruin your favorite song if he didn’t do it already.

In case you enjoy seeing a perfectly good song turned upside down, check out more of his works below.