TikToker Snuck His Photo on a Billboard, and No One Noticed

Australian TikTok user Michael Drake made a name for himself on social media by pulling all sorts of fun and entertaining pranks and stunts. But his latest one got the internet buzzing, and honestly, with a good reason.

In a viral video shared earlier in June, Drake documented his attempt to have his face on a billboard. According to TikToker, he always wanted to be on a billboard, so he got the idea to try and “sneak” himself onto one.

After finding a billboard he liked, which belonged to outdoor adventure and sporting retailer Anaconda and featured a man crossing a river, Drake recreated the photo and printed it out to fit the size of the original. He then went to the store at night and simply plastered his version of the billboard on top of the original.

As it turned out, the billboard went unnoticed for weeks and only got Anaconda’s attention when Drake’s video went viral. Surprisingly, they were not mad at all and instead recorded a video of their own in which the staff plans to notify the CEO about it. They also hinted at a possible collaboration.

“We have our own plan to execute, and we think you’ll be stoked!” wrote Anaconda’s social media team.


@michaeldrake11 we have seen your video and applaud your creative efforts! 👏 We have our own plan to execute and we think you’ll be stoked! – watch this space! #anacondabillboard #anacondastores

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