Boy Amazes the Internet With “Peaches” Performance at a School Talent Show

One of the highlights of the new Super Mario Bros movie is the song “Peaches,” which was performed by Jack Black as Bowser. Now, the tune got a new rendition that is threatening to overshadow the original.

A first-grader Cairo Koomson recently did “Peaches” for his school talent show and amazed not only his peers but also the entire internet. In a video posted on Koomson’s TikTok, which is run by his mom Tracy, the boy can be seen playing the song on a piano while dressed in a Bowser costume.

The crowd absolutely loves the performance, singing the lyrics alongside Koomson and then rewarding him with thunderous applause after he’s done.

The video of his performance quickly turned viral, getting more than six million views. It also captured the attention of Super Mario Bros star Chris Pratt, who shared it on his Instagram story.


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In a chat with Today, Tracy explained that the song “Peaches” has a special importance for the Koomson family.

Cairo’s younger brother Eli has autism and usually doesn’t speak much. However, one day he decided to sing “Peaches” out of nowhere, surprising the entire family. This is what prompted Cairo to do the song at the talent show in the first place.

“He was like, ‘Mom, I’m going to sing for Eli,” Tracy shared with Today. “Cairo is very mature, and he’s also self-sacrificing. A lot of the attention goes to Eli because he’s special needs, but Cairo never complains. He absolutely adores his brother.”