UNO Cards Get a New and Exciting Design by Nina Chanel Abney

If you want to spice up your UNO game nights, then you might consider getting a deck designed by talented American artist Nina Chanel Abney.

Mattel, the company that publishes the game, recently teamed up with Abney to give the classic UNO cards a brand new design. The minimalistic tone with plain numbers and symbols is replaced by vivid portraits and illustrations that give the game a new feeling.

“I wanted the cards to have personality,” said Abney about the project. “UNO can be such an emotional game, I thought it would be fun to create cards that could speak for themselves and elicit even more of a response from the players than they already are.”

But Abney’s deck isn’t just special for its look—there’s also an addition of an intriguing extra card.

When faced with “Draw 2” or “Draw 4” cards, the player can now lay down a “WILD NO” card and get their opponent to draw instead. They also get to choose a color. Check out more artwork from Abney’s UNO deck below!