Woman Resumes Her Art Career After 25 Years, Begins Making Realistic Paintings of Car

Some artists maintain their relationship with art throughout their entire lives. Others, like Long Beach, California-based artist Shannon “Shan” Fannin, need to take a few detours before finding their way to it.

Fannin is now an accomplished artist who creates impressive realistic paintings of cars. Her works are a massive hit on car shows, and she has put together more than a few solo and group exhibitions. However, it took her 25 years before finally being able to do the thing she liked the most.

Intrigued by the world of art since a young age, Fannin’s initial goal was to pursue an art teaching degree for special needs children’s education. But according to her, “life had other plans.” She ended up having to put her art aspirations on hold, instead pursuing a career in marketing and becoming a business owner.

However, fast forward 25 years, Fannin began attending classic car shows with her husband and was intrigued by the sleek designs and intrigues of classic cars. Encouraged by her husband, she decided to paint a few of them and absolutely loved the experience.

Since 2015, Fannin dedicated herself full-time to painting vehicles and couldn’t be happier about it. Check out some of her works below.