Woman Connects With a Stranger Who Found Her Message in a Bottle

People usually don’t have high hopes when sending a message in a bottle. Neither did TikToker Anna Molinari, but it turned out she was one of the rare people who actually got a response.

Molinari recently shared an inspiring story on her TikTok about connecting with a stranger who found her message in a bottle. And the internet loved it.

While being on a long boat trip in the Caribbean as a 16-year-old, Molinari and her friends got bored at one point, and each decided to drop a message in the bottle in the ocean. In her message, Molinari described how she feels about the sea and her thoughts about the experience.

Then, six weeks after returning from the trip, Molinari received a letter sent to her high-school address. It turned out that an 18-year-old boy named Sumner, who worked as a fisherman, found the message and decided to respond.

The two connected on social media and met up the next year since it turned out Molinari’s family had a summer house in the Outer Banks, close to where Sumner lived.

While Molinari and Sumner have stayed in touch since then, they didn’t have a chance to see each other again until this June. Molinari and her family made a trip to Outer Banks, and she decided to reach out to Sumner again.

After receiving an “okay” from Sumner, Molinari uploaded another video in which he revealed his side of the story.


Today he took us out on the exact boat he was on when he found my bottle, the Albatross III. Life is crazy fr #messageinabottle #storytime

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Sumner and Molinari are obviously just good friends at the moment, but that didn’t stop TikTok users from hoping this will be one of those movie story romances.

“Are y’all engaged yet,” one user wrote in the comments section.

“Girl this is a nicholas sparks book. We need the happy ending,” another one added.

The romance doesn’t seem to be in the cards just yet, but who knows? We know we are rooting for these two and hoping to see their story turned into a movie.