Antoinette Mahr is Rocking Our World With Her Extravagant Eye Makeup

Antoinette Mahr is a true visionary when it comes to makeup, and she’s not scared to push the boundaries of conventional beauty looks. She uses her eyes as a canvas and effortlessly transforms them into tiny works of art through the use of different makeup techniques.

Mahr goes by @esantoinette on both Instagram and TikTok, and she’s quite a sensation on both social platforms, with a cumulative following of over 500,000 people. Mahr hails from Germany and she describes herself as a “makeup artist sharing my painted face.”

Many makeup artists use their eyes to showcase their talent, and that also happens to be the case with Mahr. She specializes in crafting extravagant eye makeup looks that will leave you in awe and her skillful hands dance across the lids every time she picks up a makeup brush.

Mahr’s looks aren’t easy to recreate, but she often makes sure to list all the products that she used in case anyone wants to give them a try. She encourages all makeup lovers out there to experiment as much as possible because it’s easy to fix your mistakes and start again.

“Work with small, light-handed strokes and take your time. Having a small, clean brush on hand or a cotton swab and micellar water to clean up helps so much,” she told Marie Claire.