Artist Creates Amazing Food Art That Tells a Story

Image by @leesamantha / Instagram

Lee Samantha is a Malaysian food artist who transforms her two daughters’ meals into colorful and healthy meals. She started creating food art in 2008 to help her eldest daughter eat independently and healthily and began sharing her unique artworks on Instagram in 2011.

Since then, her creative approach of “storytelling” on a plate has not only pleased her daughters but has gained her local and international attention.

She only uses simple tools to create her fun art. “I like to keep things simple. Use what you have in the kitchen. You don’t need special tools or ingredients – just imagination!” she wrote on her website.

She’s a strong believer of using fresh and healthy ingredients and doesn’t want to waste food. Her artistic plates have earned her collaborations with famous brands such as The Food Network, Unilever, HP, and Samsung.

With more than half a million followers on Instagram, she has established herself as a talented food artist with her amazing food creations.

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