Cat Uses Dog’s Paw to Scratch Her Head in This Funny Video

Cats love to be scratched, stroked, and receive pets. Even when there is no one to provide them that, they’ll find a way to get it, as a recent funny video posted by TikTok user Madeline LaMarsh shows.

The viral clip shared on LeMarsh’s TikTok profile shows her cat Pyrenees using the paw of the family’s dog Primrose to scratch her head.

The dog is lying on the couch and has one of his paws dangling off the edge. Pyrenees simply stuck her head underneath and brushes her head against the paw, enjoying the self-provided scratching session. And Primrose doesn’t seem to mind it at all.

“This went on for a solid 15,” wrote LaMarsh in the caption of the video.

This amazing scene received almost one million views on TikTok and attracted tons of comments from other social media users.

“This is the best thing ever,” @jenbuns_ wrote in the comments section.

“Automatic petting system!” @marysuexoxo added.

Of course, people wanted to see more of Pyrenees and Primrose, so LaMarsh later uploaded a follow-up clip that features an adorable display of affection between the cat and the dog.