Airbnb Host Wakes Up TikToker in The Middle of the Night for Unexpected Reason

TikTok user Pency Lucero loves to travel the world and post her adventures with her social media followers. One of her recent trips included a visit to Rörbäck, Sweden, where she had an unusual Airbnb experience that she simply had to share with the internet.

As it turns out, Lucero and her companion were sleeping at their Airbnb when the host, a man named Martin, knocked on their door in the middle of the night. Martin wanted them to come outside, and Lucero was expectedly cautious, thinking that it was some kind of prank.

However, once she stepped outside, Lucero couldn’t be more grateful. Martin actually woke them up so they could see the stunning Northern Lights in the sky.

“I’m on the verge of crying every time I watch this video I still cannot believe it, “Lucero wrote in the caption of the video that got viewed almost 14 million times until now.


I’m on the verge of crying every time I watch this video I still cannot believe it. 📍 Rörbäck, Sweden

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The social media users were so amazed by Martin’s actions that Lucero decided to tell them more about this awesome Airbnb host in a couple of follow-up videos. She revealed that Martin took them on a safari, gave them a ride on a sled, and took them ice skating.


Replying to @Andrew Cary it was my dream to let the world know how great of a host Martin is. He took us on a safari on our first 24hrs, hunting reindeers, he takes us on a sled behind his snowmobile (and would even make sure were comfortable by putting furs on our seats), gave us firewood everyday, cut a hole in the frozen ocean so we could do an ice plunge, lent us his car to drive to the city and skate on the ice road of Luleå, and even let us drive his snowmobile so we could experience it on our last day! 🥹

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Replying to @Hannah of course 🤍 I searched and I cannot insert a link here I think because I don’t have enough followers so I’ll just put it on my bio 🫶🏽

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