Tommy Winkler is Taking Part in Some of TikTok’s Craziest Food Challenges

From eating 10,000 calories in 24 hours to eating nothing but airport food for a day, there’s no food challenge that Tommy Winkler wouldn’t accept. He became a true TikTok sensation after he started eating all sorts of different foods at the suggestion of his millions of followers.

Winkler was always passionate about creating content and he shifted from YouTube to TikTok after this social media platform started picking up some steam. His page The Food Guy is now followed by almost 10 million people, and he owes it all to viral videos that show him eating all sorts of different foods.

@tommywinkler Replying to @timefortheencore You guys r making it more difficult for me to eat😑 #thefoodguy #foodtok #lottery #kingofcrunch #budget #fyp ♬ mario sound – mandycap

Winkler has always been very passionate about food, and he initially posted short clips that show what he eats in a day. His videos blew up, especially once he started taking suggestions from his followers and trying new foods – but he’s not picking these comments at random.

“People think, ‘Oh just go to your comment section and pick a comment. For me, it’s more when I see the comment, I need to visualize a whole video because I like to get creative within my videos. I like to throw in jokes,” he told Today.

@tommywinkler Replying to @jakeodea1 This may look delicious and it was but my body was not feeling it after😳 #thefoodguy #foodtok #oreo #cookie #kingofcrunch ♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery Dante9k Remix

We’ve seen Winkler eat at Shake Shack and Panda Express for an entire day, live off nothing but fruit, and only eat heart-shaped foods on Valentine’s Day, and his challenges are just getting wilder and wilder as time goes by.

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