Company Designs a Phone Case That Adds a Keyboard to Your iPhone

New generations might have a hard time believing this, but once upon a time, phones were much more than just touch screens. They had all sorts of other attachments, with some models like Blackberry phones even equipped with a keyboard.

Most people would say that it is a good thing that the screens have taken over. But there is still a fair amount of those who are nostalgic for times when you could write messages by tapping on keys and not the screen.

A company, Clicks Technology, is looking to bring together the best of both worlds by designing a phone case that adds a physical keyboard to your iPhone. It is characterized by a sleek design and simple approach. You just slip the iPhone into the case, and you are ready to go.

The case doesn’t even need to be taken off when charging your phone. There is a charging port on the bottom of the case that does the same function as the phone’s original charging port, while the material also allows for wireless charging.

On top of all, the Clicks phone case also comes equipped with shortcut keys for various important iPhone functions like voice input. You can get it in BumbleBee yellow and London Sky blue, with the pre-orders already available on Clicks Technology’s official website.