Julia Powell’s Art is Elevated Beyond Words

As great as it is to admire beautiful paintings on a computer screen, sometimes you see art so exquisite that you get frustrated you aren’t there in person to experience the real thing. It takes a truly exceptional artist to make us feel this way, and Julia Powell satisfies that criteria.

Just take a look at the above piece. Powell, a professional artist who’s based in Massachusetts, painted this Rosa Cliff Series based on something that came to her in a dream. Putting aside the brilliant nature of recreating an image that came to her in a dream, the texture of this piece is absolutely extraordinary.

It’s smooth where it needs to be, such as in the sky, but jagged and rough where it’s appropriate as well, such as in the mountains. This is all capped off wonderfully with a river that’s gorgeously reflective.

But there’s more where that came from. The mini-marshland you see below is shockingly realistic while also being blatantly surreal, if that’s possible. The colors are bright and vivid, while the marshes glare at the viewer right through the screen.

If you’re a fan of Powell’s art, perhaps you may benefit from giving her a follow. You certainly wouldn’t be the first, because this insanely talented artist has over 176,000 followers!