These Surreal Comics by Alex Jenkins Might Cause You to Look Away

Most webcomics you see on the internet are funny, cute, cheerful, or combination of everything. Some might have a few touches of fantasy or surreal but they usually either make you laugh or feel better. But London-based illustrator and cartoonist Alex Jenkins is taking a different approach.

Jenkins’ comics are filled with surreal and horror-like illustrations that are borderline disturbing. They are full of unexpected and scary moments, some of which might cause those of faint heart to look away. But those who stick with them to the end might end up being rewarded with a chuckle or a surprising twist while getting to enjoy a beautiful style of illustration.

“I would describe my work as exploring satirical and critical subject matter through a distinctive and vivid style. I try to avoid the pretence but wallow in humor, whilst touching on the absurd and surreal,” Jenkins explains on his website.

Jenkins doesn’t keep the unique and disturbing style for his comics. He also creates all sorts of other artworks with similar elements. This includes creating illustrations for high-profile media publications like The New York Times, NME and Vice, while also working on Adult Swim shows.

Check out more of his works below.