Cosimo “Cheone“ Caiffa Creates 3D Street Art That Jumps Out of Walls and Buildings

Italian street artist Cosimo Caiffa, aka Cheone, creates some of the most impressive murals we have seen in recent times. Cheone’s 3D street art is so detailed and convincing that it looks like it will jump out of walls and buildings at any given moment.

 Cheone’s works are special not only because he efficiently manages to produce a 3D effect on a 2D surface. The talented artist often incorporates urban surroundings into his works or makes the murals interact with them in a way that enhances their effect.

Cheone grew up surrounded by art and was a very talented painter at a young age. However, once he discovered graffiti, he immediately fell in love with it and decided to make street art his life’s calling.

According to Cheone, he gravitated specifically toward 3D street art because he wanted to make his murals unique and captivating while challenging himself as an artist.

“The idea was born from the desire to get out of the box, and in all my designs I try to send messages of unease, the joy of life and what surrounds me,” Cheone explained in a recent interview.

Check out more of Cheone’s impressive 3D murals below.