Check Out These Trippy Tattoo Designs by Winston The Whale

Looking for inspiration for your next tattoo? Or simply like unique tattoo art? Then, you’ll enjoy the trippy tattoo designs by Winston The Whale.

Winston The Whale is a Portland, Oregon-based artist known for his psychedelic and vibrant tattoos. They often feature skulls, animals, plants, and geometrical objects dressed in abstract and colorful designs that immediately capture everyone’s attention.

Winston The Whale started out as a street artist, doing graffiti and murals. His street art helped him to carve out a unique style that he kept once he ventured into tattooing.

He first emerged on the tattoo scene with 3D-like tattoos that featured dizzy designs done with blue and red ink. As he honed his tattoo skills, his designs became more complex and colorful.

 “I just really love colors, and as I’ve gotten better at using them, then I’ve been able to turn the style up more and make them a little bit more complex,” the artist explained in a recent interview. 

Nowadays, Winston The Whale has his own studio, and getting a tattoo done by him is a success. Clients often wait for months, even years, before managing to land an appointment. You can check out more of his trippy tattoo designs below.