Don’t Be Afraid of These Wooden Giants

If you are ever in the deep woods of Belgium’s forests and you come up across huge, wooden sculptures, then you are at the right place.  

The giants are part of Thomas Dambo’s project to inspire people to either recycle their trash or use it to make something useful. Of course, the giants he made are maybe not ‘useful’ in the traditional sense of the word, but they took time and effort and are unlike anything else you’ve ever seen, so if nothing else, Thomas has helped the rural tourism of western Belgium.  

Before taking on this giant project, the artist has made other smaller actions to show people how trash can be reused. His Instagram account even says that all he does is ‘take the trash from the street and turn it into something new’, meaning every single piece we throw away can have better use if we put some effort into it! 

In order to raise awareness of climate change and pollution, he uses all types of social media, so make sure to follow this young artist and maybe you can get inspired and create an art piece of something you would consider trash in the past.