Faith Charlotte is Making Retro Decor Inspired By Our Favorite Comfort Dishes

We all have our favorite comfort foods, from pizza to donuts, and Faith Charlotte decided to honor them in a unique way. This creative artist specializes in making hand-carved retro sculptures inspired by her favorite guilty pleasure foods.

With over 115,000 followers on Instagram and 25,000 more on TikTok, Charlotte built quite a following since embarking on this journey. Her creations are mostly inspired by the beloved dishes we all enjoy, such as toast, pancakes, pies, and cinnamon rolls.

This creative artist has been working with clay for a few years before deciding to start her own brand Charlotte’s Clay Shoppe. She’s always been very artistic and enjoys everything from painting and sculpting to playing drum and bass, but working with clay is her true calling.

“I started out with polymer clay and mini food charms in 2017… My art is heavily influenced by the look of ’20s and ’60s style fashion and makeup. I’ve loved rubber hose animation style since I was little and it’s a very big influence on my style,” she explains on her official website.

Charlotte’s creations usually take the shape of adorable trinket boxes, but there are exceptions to this rule. She also enjoys making incense holders and burners, shaped like everything from pizza slices and bacon to toast and hotdogs.